About me…

Larry Parkes

I’ve been a life-long fan of photography, as both an amateur and a pro shutterbug, for over half a century…and counting.

Born and raised in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, I eventually wandered a bit further north and settled in the city of Oshawa, Ontario (the Canadian home of General Motors) where I’ve resided for the past 30-plus years now.

At this point I should also point out, with no uncertain pride, that photography genes don’t fall far from the old tree.  My lovely and very talented daughter Jodi Parkes-Forestell also holds a long-time love of the craft, culminating in a very successful photography business of her own based in Buckhorn, Ontario.

You can check out her work at http://www.parkesimages.com

Also see her blog at http://www.parkesimages.blogspot.com


One Response to “About me…”

  1. Welcome to blogging Larry!

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