Michael Starr building, Oshawa ON

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Dame’s Rocket & Bedstraw…

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A very lazy summer…a lazy year for that matter!…I’ve got to get back into this whole blog thing…

A couple of Oshawa’s wildflower species. Hey, I didn’t make up those names!

Let those lazy, hazy, crazy days begin!..

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A June evening at Oshawa Creek…

Winter shore 2007

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Looks like we had more snow 3 years ago…

I’m back…whew!

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I think I’m finally about finished settling into my new digs…have I ever mentioned that I HATE moving?!!!   Oh well, I think it was worth it…very nice here.

So now I have no further excuses for not getting back to posting my pics…ideally on a daily basis…at least I’ll try.  Hibernation tends to make one a tad lazy…so no promises.

My apologies…

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I’m currently in the process of moving to a new apartment, so during the long, arduous process I’ve been neglecting my blog. I apologize for this but hopefully will be back to posting more pics once I’m settled in, probably another month or so. In the words of one Arnold S…”I’ll be back.”

It’s coming…

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Probably not much longer before we see this season’s first snowfall…like this shot on Oshawa Creek two years ago…

first snow

Tigg’r again…

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Tigg'r again

Lest we forget…

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In observance of Remembrance Day, November 11th, I thought it fitting to display some pics I took in September as the body of one of our fallen Canadian soldiers passed through Oshawa on the Highway Of Heroes. On that same day, a Canadian Navy ship, the HMCS Ville de Quebec, was in port visiting Oshawa and many of her crew showed up at the highway overpass to join the citizens of Oshawa as well as Oshawa firefighters to pay their respects. It was a very moving scene as the hearse and the vehicles of the soldier’s family and friends passed by below us…

HMCS Ville de Quebec flag

Highway of Heroes watch

Canadian sailors on HoH

Fallen soldier returns

Canadian sailors salute

HMCS Ville de Quebec

Pier watch…

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A calm spring evening on Whitby pier…

Pier watch

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