more from Lakeview Park at dusk… Oct.27/09

It’s hard being green…

Hard being green


Along the path…

Along the path

Under the fence…

Under the fence

Backyard of the museum…

Bygone backyard

A lovely walkway at any time of year…

Promenade at dusk

No Swimming!…Good thing they posted that sign or I’d have jumped in!  NOT!  Brrrr…

No swimming

Last leaves clinging to the tree…

Last of the leaves

The annual dredging of the silt from the channel, to ensure that ocean freighters can make it into Oshawa’s port. It got dark quickly, so I had to shoot this at 1600 ISO, handheld…not a great image but it serves to show you.

Dredging in the dark


~ by larryparkesphotography on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “more from Lakeview Park at dusk… Oct.27/09”

  1. Awesome work as always!

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